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Board and train

If you have an issue you don't have time to deal with or maybe just want help with laying the groundwork with your dog, board & and train is a great option for you. This means that your pup will stay with me and I will dedicate at least 5 hours a day working with your dog. Depending on the subject and your dog's needs the schedule and exercise will vary. Every single dog receives his/her personal plan designed by me. 

Depending on the case the minimal amount of weeks may vary. I also want you to keep in mind that after your dog's stay it's crucial that you keep doing what I've been doing and that you follow my guidelines that will be handed to you. Otherwise your dog will most likely fall back into old routines and all the work will go to waste.

We will spend at least 1 hour together the first day so I can learn more about you and your dog. We will go over the plan I have in mind and then we'll get working. I will create routines, teach you dog all the basic obedience you'll need and create a follow up plan for you so you can keep on doing what we've been doing. 

On the last day we will go over everything leaving no question unanswered and after 2-4 weeks we will meet up again to see how's it going and how to continue from there. You will get video updates during the whole stay so you can see what we are up to! 

2 weeks/1500 €

3 weeks/ 2000 €

4 weeks/2400 €

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